The Doctor is Out

Calling all artists!

Ask Dalek Sha is looking for guest artists and permanent artists to help on the blog.


-Willing and able to reach deadlines (usually 1 week)

-Willing and able to draw a dalek (It doesn’t need to be high detail)

-Decent drawing level (As long as people can tell what’s being drawn it’s fine)

If you’re interested, please contact Delta with a sample drawing of Sha and Dinky. (You can see them on Sha’s blog)

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Here it is, as we promised: Introducing Hours to our ranks.
May the fluster party begin~

[Thank you for your donations, here it is!]

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Help spice up the Discord Whooves Wiki page!

The page is huge, but it’s still missing a lot of information since it hasn’t been updated for a long time. The biggest area needing work being the Major Events and Cameo section.

Any long time followers and big fans that have been paying close attention to the story thus far, I welcome you to add what you know to the page.

Note: Trolling wont really work all too well since there is a restore option and there are people looking after the page to make sure it stays in tact, so really it’s best to behave yourselves.

You guys can also discuss what to add to the wiki in it’s discussion area. (NOTE: Discussion area is NOT for asks)

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I’m on patreon now!

Check out the awesome rewards available so far, such as sketches, hints, exclusive previews, etc etc!

Even just 2 dollars a month will give you comic updates ahead of everyone else.

And for Whooves and Assistant, there’s lots of music and concept art ready to be activated.

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(For those a bit late in the blog, Shining Armor is referencing this post with the kidnapping)

[[Today’s guest artists are onikashi  (ask-a-lost-applejackand ponysplash]]

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