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Donations reached: 1009$

Goals Reached:

10 live art classes

5 Chapters of a chosen book

Bedeviled Derpy Dub

Once Upon a Calamity Dub

2 Episode Shorts of DWnA

Congrats, every goal was reached!

Livestream art tutorials/classes will begin some time next week, along with book suggestions and voting for the chosen book.

Bedeviled has already been 50% recorded.

Scripts for DWnA episode shorts will be worked on ASAP, with episode 9s progress going well we should have a good chunk of content ready for everyone fairly soon.


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Shouldn’t have left the TARDIS doors open, grrhghg dammit dammit dammit…

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Donation help- Goals+Prizes included

Donations reached: 1009$

Goals Reached:

10 live art classes

5 Chapters of a chosen book

Bedeviled Derpy Dub

Once Upon a Calamity Dub

2 Episode Shorts of DWnA

My donation button can be found in the sidebar HERE

Every small donation counts. To put this in perspective: If even just a third of my followers here donated only 1 dollar, I would be able to afford my HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

So, you may think “Well I don’t have much” and that’s fine! Because even just one dollar can add up, and I appreciate every little effort to help.


For every 100$ point reached, I will do a 1-2 hour public art class/tutorial via livestream. What is this exactly?

Well, basically, at 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 300, etc, I will add another class session to my schedule. I’ll be covering the basics, answering questions, showing demos, and doing a lot of research on whatever subjects people are curious about in the art world. I’ll even have topics that people can request and vote on for a class session. EVERYONE is welcome to attend and ask whatever you want to know about drawing tips. (That I can provide of course.)

Every 200$ reached, JestreDeRama (New voice of Doctor Whooves in Doctor Whooves and Assistant) and I (AKA BaldDumboRat) will read a chapter of a chosen book voted on by all of you. We will read that book in whatever character voices you vote on.

At 500$ I will personally make an official dub of Bedeviled Derpy

Oh look a thing~!

Yes. That’s right. I will voice a discorded flirty but emotionally unstable Derpy. I’ll dub everything that is on the blog currently.

At 800 Dollars, and official dub of my original comic, Once Upon a Calamity will be created.


And finally

If 1,000 dollars is donated, 2 episode shorts of Doctor Whooves and Assistant will be created ASAP.

That includes a “Body Swap” short episode, and a bonus short episode. LOTS of fun for everyone!

So, as a reminder:

My donation button can be found in the sidebar HERE

I will update how many donations have been made every 30 minutes. I’ll keep this post up for maybe a week or so, so you have until Sat. the 12th to send donations and reach the offered goals!

To cut to the chase and explain what this is about:

Okay, I have been keeping this on my own shoulders for a few months now because I really didn’t want to bother other people. But it has gotten to a point where I need to ask for help.

A lot of unfortunate events have left me almost 1,000 dollars short of what I should have had, and I’ve been struggling to keep up for the last few months.

I haven’t even been able to put any savings to my HRT for he past few months. (this is the most important thing to me in my life right now)

I just payed for a table for bronycon, but that also means I will need to make money for prints- something I can worry about a bit later if this whole thing doesn’t pan out well but!

The things that have thrown me back would be:

extra fees from moving (ridiculous airport charges from an awful airline)

laptop repairs (said shitty airlines broke my laptop)

issue with a paypal transaction (someone had a card issue which caused mass refunding over a long span of time)

double electricity fee (it’s cold this time of year, the space heater charged way more than expected)

small bank issue

The things I need to afford-

Rent- 250 per month

Electric bill- 70

Bronycon (Last year I was able to make quite a lot of money selling prints, I would like to do the same this year but to do that it still costs to go initially.) For Bronycon I need to afford flights, prints, and if possible electricity for my table so I can offer digital commissions.

HRT - This is a long term goal, I need to save up around 10,000 dollars to be able to afford a transition. I have 1,000 saved up so far. But, this here is the most important thing in my life because I suffer almost every day from being misgendered and having social anxiety due to this. I want to be able to live my life in the comfort of my own body, as this has been something that has hurt me since I was a small child.

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I forgot to mention, this shirt I made a while back is finally available:

Spreadshirt was a giant butt about it, but thankfully Redbubble isn’t causing any problems.

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Well, Pun, looks like things are quite serious this time.

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As a big thank you for 30,000 followers, have this Ananta

And not just Ananta, but you can also get her on a shirt.

AND I made another shirt as well!

In fact, I opened up a shop on redbubble that has far more selections than spreadshirt, so please take a look around!

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P.O. Box Opened


Alright for all you wonderful folks who have wanted to send fan letters, fan art, or other such gifts for any of our projects (Including Discord Whooves, Mad Doctor Whooves, and Doctor Whooves and Assistant to name a few) Jestre and I have opened up a P.O. box!

That way no one has to feel all weird and uncomfortable about sharing a home address.

Firstly, they had some oddly specific rules so please read before you send anything:

-They will not put anything in the mailbox that does not have our last names on the package. So, when you send something, it has to have the last name ‘French’ or ‘Wilkinson’ on the letter/package.

IE: “Jitters” Wilkinson, “J”/”P” Wilkinson, “Jestre” French, “J” French, “Mr Wilkinson” “Mr. French”.

-Please be sure to label your mail accordingly!

If you are sending something for Jitters/Pierce Smoulder, include the last name “Wilkinson”.

For Jestre, the last name “French”.

If you are sending something for both, you can put both last names.

If you want to send something for the Doctor Whooves and Assistant team, put  (DWnA Team) P. Wilkinson.

Our P.O. Box is:

Mr. Wilkinson & Mr French*

P.O. Box 70

Algonquin, IL. 60102

(*as long as it includes one of our last names)

We’ll be sure to post about whatever we get, including replies and thank yous to letters and photos of fan art and other things (Unless you want it kept private, be sure to specify in your letter if you do)

Thank you, everyone!

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