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(For those a bit late in the blog, Shining Armor is referencing this post with the kidnapping)

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Lil Miss Rarity's timeline bled through a little. (Don't worry, permission was asked first)

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Oh no, what could it be?! Guess you’ll have to wait and see in the next update ;D

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It’s time for important event recaps!

It’s been a long time since the Doctor had a thorough investigation of Ponyville, so long that even he’s forgotten a good portion of the information he gathered. (Forgotten or prevented from remembering? Now that’s the question of the hour)

So before we continue our story, I will give you a quick rundown of the important facts about this particular issue.

We were introduced to this altered time originally with Twilight, who revealed that Pinkie Pie had gone insane and murdered Rainbow Dash.

Following the initial incident, she added how the elements of harmony crumbled away, be it by depression, going missing, or otherwise unfortunate occurrences. Leaving her alone without the friends she used to love.

Following this information, the Doctor began his investigation. These are some of the important facts he’d brought up. Be sure to look at the full posts to get a full understanding of the situation!


Something distracts him from his realizations, making him forget his original purpose for investigating. (Hello, Hyde!)


Another issue: He knew ‘Mommy’ Rarity (Little Miss Rarity) from another dimension, yet Twilight mentioned her in their universe.


He goes to visit the Little Miss Rarity universe, only to encounter something very unsettling.


Finally he came to some sort of conclusion, but not a solution.


Hopefully this has caught you all up on events, as this story is quite massive and it’s easy to get lost along the way!

Happy reading, and let’s see what else the Doctor can uncover this time around!

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Nothing good ever comes out of that universe. Ever.

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