The Doctor is Out

She doesn’t seem like a crazed murderer to me… Hm.

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Two Sisters Part 6

Today’s art done by Katie and Crisis.

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We know you’re all probably tired of all these Patreon ads but this one’s a bit different. This one is for an entire group as emergency funds, because lord knows with around 20 people something is always bound to go wrong for at least one of them.

So if you’re always debating on who to support on Patreon because there are so many people out there, this one is actually made for many artists, writers, and voice actors who may be in need.

Please spread the word and watch even if you’re not interested in Patreon, because hey, it’s still a fun animatic with great voice actors and Doctors :)

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New goals have been added to my Patreon!

Remember, a dollar may not seem like very much, but with so many of you working together you’ll be surprised how much it adds up!

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Two Sisters Part 2.

Introducing our newest Member Joey Waggoner.

Coloring done by Harkness.

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Two Sisters Part 1.

Artist by: Book. Shading done by Katie


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Calling all artists!

Ask Dalek Sha is looking for guest artists and permanent artists to help on the blog.


-Willing and able to reach deadlines (usually 1 week)

-Willing and able to draw a dalek (It doesn’t need to be high detail)

-Decent drawing level (As long as people can tell what’s being drawn it’s fine)

If you’re interested, please contact Delta with a sample drawing of Sha and Dinky. (You can see them on Sha’s blog)

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Here it is, as we promised: Introducing Hours to our ranks.
May the fluster party begin~

[Thank you for your donations, here it is!]

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